Who is BOOKmyLIMO.com?
BOOKmyLIMO.com is the World's Nr. 1 platform and comparator (comparative analyst) for reserving chauffeured transport online.

In 2014, Bookmylimo.com covered 75 countries and compared more than 20,000 vehicles.  We take care of short and long term corporate and private assignments, transporting anywhere from 1 to 5000 passengers.
How does BOOKmyLIMO.com choose the providers ?
We took care of selecting the most reactive companies in a world.

Our expertise of the job  car rental company with driver allows us to assure you that the services which you reserve are very professionally handled; by entrepreneurs who respect the legislation in force, who offer all the guarantees of insurances of their responsibility and that of the transported persons.
How may I see the name of the provider before reserving?
The name of every person provider is shown for every vehicle and every rate proposed. So, you will have the leisure to choose the provider, either by the quality of its services, reviews of the previous customers or simply by habit.
What means a request of pricing?
In the case or a wanted rate would not be available in our base, the system suggests you to send a demand of pricing for our service department "Special Project" which will take care to propose you an offer adapted to your search. Your demand will be treated in priority within a few hours.
How many hours and kilometers is included on Day and Half Day price ?
For Day package :
8 hours and 100 kilometers included

For Half-Day package :
4 hours and 50 kilometers
How do we use your e-mail data and telephone?
In agreement with the data protection act, your e-mail data, telephone and any other information concerning you remain confidential. Only are transmitted the imperative data to the provider for the voucher unwound by your mission, and  after your definitive reservation.
May I consult the reviews of provider?
You have access to the reviews of the providers by clicking the number of stars situated under the name of the provider.
May I estimate a provider ?
After every mission, a unique access to our system of evaluation will be sent by e-mail leaving you the care of estimating every stage of the realized service performance.
How may I create a customer account ?
The creation of customer account  is accessible via the link situated above on the right by every page. In the process of reservation, every customer has the possibility; either to become identified, or to create a customer account.
How may I get back my password in case forgetting ?
In case of forgetting of password, you can get it back by clicking the link " forgotten password " in the page " become identified " of the site BOOKmyLIMO.com. Having brought in the wanted information, you will receive an e-mail with a link of renitialisation of your password.
How may I consult the history of my reservations?
You can consult the history of your reservations connecting you to your account.
How to create a reservation?
Through the form, choose your type) of service, fil information asked and you'll find a list of proposal which you can sort out according to the criteria of your choice. Once your choice made, click the button reserve and let be guided.
How to obtain a rate for a service ?
Through the form, choose your type of service, fill information asked and you'll find a list of proposal.
I have a specific demand, how can I do?
In case of specific request, our team " special project " is at your disposal by e-mail in: support@bookmylimo.com or by telephone in 00 33 1 84 16 90 65.
How to know if my reservation is validated?
Once settled to our system of secure on-line payment, you will receive a first e-mail of confirmation of payment, and a demand of validation will be sent to the provider. Once your command accepted by the provider, you will receive your definitive validation which will serve you as good " Exchange voucher or Voucher " for the day of your service.
How to modify my reservation?
To modify your service, thank you for sending us modification by e-mail at support@bookmylimo.com. Once treated, you will receive an e-mail of confirmation of the brought modifications. Any modification implying a change of the initial price and an additional payment.
Can I cancel a reservation?
The cancellation of a reservation is possible free of charge till 24:00 hours before the beginning of the mission. Crossed this deadline, no refund will be made.
Is the photo of the vehicle reflects the reality ?
Every photo of vehicle gets closer at best to the proposed vehicle, however certain options / colors etc. can differ.
How many passengers are authorized in cars ?
The maximum passenger number is indicated in the index card convey.
How does the coverage take place ?
Within the framework of a transfer Airport, the driver will wait for you at the exit of the terminal indicated with a  welcome sign according to your demand. He can then ask you to present the e-mail of confirmation which you will have received after your reservation.

Within the framework of a transfer Park, the driver will wait for you at the exit of the quay of your train with a welcome sign following your demand. He can then ask you to present the e-mail of confirmation which you will have received after your reservation.

Within the framework of a coverage in your hotel, the driver will come at the apartment house at the demanded time.

For other places, the driver will have to hold a phone number to contact you, to make the appointment easier.
Is the driver service included in the price ?
The salary of the driver is included  in the price. The tip stays nevertheless in the discretion of the customer.
What to do in case of difficulty or of unforeseen?
In the e-mail of confirmation, you will have the phone number  of the provider.
Besides,the provider will have  the phone number of the passenger, thank you for watching  that the passenger is reachable to facilitate change of zone of contact of last one minutes. In case the vehicle would not appear, thank you for getting in touch with our service support and we shall proceed then to the refund after investigation.
How to make if your flight is cancelled or modified?
The person providers are in contact with the airport services and we have the possibility to check the flights of our customers, to avoid charging hours of wait. On the other hand, if a flight planned initially in a time slot " of day " lands in a time slot " of night " the provider can demand  the diference.

In case of cancelled flight, the reservations are cancellable free of charge 24:00 hours before the beginning of service. Beyond, no refund can be made. We cannot be responsible for the cancellation of a flight.